Green Plus


Product Details

Premium Quality Shiny Balls Organic Product

GreenPlus- super potassium,fulvic acid and other crop and mixture of organic elements that provide vitamins &minerals to the Plus is used providing nutrients,by using Green Plus crop gets more nutrients and it gives complete and easy production along with its increase the nutrients power also.

Green Plus- increase process of photosynthesis and increase productivity and healthy plants with use of this product 30% increase in productivity at product is also

Accepted this can be used in every crop of serials vegetables,grains,flowers&fruitsetc.

Recommended dosage:-

2 Kg.per acre at the time o fsowing, ploughing,transplantation,topdressing.

RecommendedCrops- Paddy,Wheat,Tea,Sugarcane,Cotton,Chilli,Maze,Mentha,SoyabeanandAll Type of Vegetables,Fruits,MedicineCrop&Cereals Crops.