Laford Seaweed G


Product Details

Laford Seaweed-G Seaweed Liquid Fertilizer is a soil, root and plant strengthening fertilizer that improves the quality of the soil and provides adequate nutrient to the root zone. The fertilizer is a rich source of natural organic elements, Seaweeds plant growth hormones, enzymes and trace elements which boost overall plant growth and development.

Advantage -

•  This makes roots well developed and disease less. That support to regularize plant growth and also support to photosynthesis process  in plant.

• Laford Seaweed-G increase roots & fruiting in plant.

•   Proper growth of stem & roots.

•   Better production in time.

•   100% Organic No Side effect  

Recommended  Crops:- Paddy,  Wheat, Tea, Sugarcane, Cotton, Chilli, Maze,  Mentha, Soyabean and All Type of  Vegetables,  Fruits,  Medicine  Crop  &  Cereals  Crops.