Laford Guner-WMT


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Bio Pesticides are bio substance, Microorganism and plant Extract and it is a pesticidal substance produced by plant. 

Biopesticides are derived from such natural materials as animals, plants, bacteria and certain minerals. Bio Pesticides have usually no known function in photo synthesis growth, or other basic aspects of plant physiology. however, their biological activity against insects tests, nematodes, fungi and other organisms is well proved. Biopesticides are not harmful for human body as well as they makegood atmosphere Special Biopesticides - Bio Shooter (m/t) Bio Shooter (M/T) Function To control Thrips and Miter 

Recommended Crops-  Paddy, Wheat, Tea, Sugarcane, Cotton , Chilli, Maze, Mentha, Soyabean and All Type of Vegetables , Fruits, Medicine Crop & Cereals Crops. 

Application Time - At the time of pest seen or for preventive pest managements. Compatibility Compatible with most of pesticide / Fungicides) PGR.