Laford Humizone Gold


Product Details

A New herbal product Combination of humic acid and fulvic Acid

HUMIZONE GOLD is Highly improved organic product for Agriculture use It contains Compounds as Humic Acid, Seaweeds Extract, Fulivc Acid & some other which are a chief Constituent of soil matter that increase the fertility of soil, Maintain proper growth of plant & provide better quality product with maximum production.

Recommended dosage:-

• 500gm-1 Kg. per acre at the time of sowing, ploughing, transplantation, topdressing.

• For Foliar Spray use Humizone Gold 1gm/ Ltr.

• For Best Result use Humizone Gold Twice. At a difference of 15 -20 days.

Recommended Crops

:- Paddy, Wheat, Tea, Potato, Mentha, Sugarcane, Cotton, Chili, Maze, Mentha, Soya bean and All Type of Vegetables, Fruits, Medicine Crop & Cereals Crops