Laford Crop Major +


Product Details

Premium Quality Plant Energizer and Soil Conditioner Organic Products Crop Major + is a bio organic crop yield enhances. Crop Major + is a research based product biologically developed nutritionally balance to full fill all crops's requirement. It is composed with the help of Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potash Microbial, Harmones, Proteins, derived from nature.

Crop Major+ develop shoots, Roots and Stimulates cell division thereby improve the fruit size.

Crops :- Crop Major+ is recommended for cereals fruits, vegetables, flowers, medicinal plants and all other crops.

  • Increase Productivity
  • Provide better plants nutritional quality
  • Faster growth of the plants/crops
  • Non toxic and completely biodegradable.
  • Crop Major+ can be use all type of crop.
  • It increase uptake of soli nutrients.
  • Improve seed germination percentage.
  • Crop Major+ improve soil fertility, texture and organic matter content.
  • Proper Root Growth & Development.
  • No side effect on field and crops.