Laford Tonic


Product Details

Laford Tonic is biologically derived organic liquid manure. It use for yield quality with increased productivity contains various important plants input hormones. Precursors in complexes forms enzyme components derived from sea algae, humus microbes and land living organisms. 

Benefits: - It enhances the expressions of basic genetic potential of plant resulting in increased quality and yield. Treated plants have increased resistance to various environmental factors. It facilitates nutrient absorption through roots and foliage. So you get yield better quality with increased productivity.


Application Mode: - It can be applied as foliar spray, soil drenching, seeding dip, seedling treatment.

Application Spectrum: -  It can be applied on all botanical land plants including cereals, fibrous crops, cash crops, vegetables, fruit orchards, plantations, ornaments, herbs spices etc.

Storage Precautions: - Keep the lid tightly closed after use. Store at room temperature. Keep away from children, sunlight and heat.

Compatibility: - Laford Tonic can be mixed with other fertilizer and pesticides. Before mixing ensure compatibility.