Laford Greenex


Product Details

Laford Greenex is a super product made by modern technology, in this product the potassium humate is found in large quantity, by which production increases in heavy quantity.

This Laford Greenex increases the numbers of flowers and fruit. By increases the numbers of fruits and pods effect to become more production. 

Laford Greenex regularized the protein synthesis in plants and increase the disease resistance power in plants. Laford Greenex make the activeness of different type of micro nutrients. This increases the regular presence of micro nutrients and improve their metabolic process. 

Advantages of Laford Greenex:- 

1-            Laford Greenex increase the production of crops.

2-            This increases the flowering and fruiting in plants by which the production  increases.

3-            This makes leaves well developed and disease less, well developed green leaves support to regularize and making the photo synthesis process.

4-            This Laford Greenex make the balance of required micro nutrients and give to  plants.

5-            This makes to roots healthy and disease less.

6-            This makes the activity of enzymes in plants.

7-            Increase the fertility of soil.

8-            This makes healthy and clean atmosphere.

9-            This makes the non dependency on the chemical fertilizers.

10- There are no side effects on the crops.

Recommended crops- Paddy, wheat, tea, coffee, maize, cotton, sugarcane, mentha, soyabean and all vegetables, this can be use with all fertilizers and pesticides.