Laford Hillton


Product Details

A Nanotechnology Product

Hillton is a natural bio stimulant , specially designed for foliar application. It contains Amino acids,Low Molecular cytokinins,gibberellicacidsurfactants in a unique formulation that easily disperses in water for foliar and dipping application.

Hillton is an invention from Japan .It is based on Biomimetic and Nano-technology, Hillton has emerged to be a broad spectrum plant growth promoter This break through technology product gives maximum result by using just 1ml pe litter Or 1 gram per litter Owing to the nano technology used.

Hillton Bio-stimulants that act synergistically to catalyze growth processes and to support the metabolism of the plant.

Hillton helps the plant to overcome adverse environmental conditions. Leaves absorb Hillton quickly and efficiently without scorching. All the components of Hillton are 100 % natural, so they easily integrate with the plant's metabolism.

Hillton greatly increases chlorophyll content by increasing photosynthesis activity. It increases cell

division in plants and the activity of plant peroxidise, which is known to play an important part in increasing

a plant's defences against disease causing pathogens. Hillton also increases the activity of nitrate

reductase which is one of the most important enzyme in the assimilation of exogenous nitrate-The

predominant form of nitrogen available to green plants. Hillton also plays an important role in plant extension,

Root development and regulates balance of nutrition in plants.


•Increase fruits and grain size.

•Improve fruit set and reduce fruit drop.

•Increase fruit weight and yield.

•Enhance colour,texture and shine of fruit grains.

•Uniformity in shape,size and grain quality.

•Enhance taste in fruits and grains with a natural fragrance.

•Improve fruits setting of Clementine and pears.

•To produce uniform seedling growth in Rice ,Wheat& Maize.

•To break dormancy and stimulate sprouting in seed Potatoes.

•To advance flowering and increase the yield.

•Enhances photosynthesis activity