Laford Amino-16


Product Details

Organic Product

Premium Quality Plant Energizer and Yield Enhancer

Laford Amino-16  increase the more production of crops with the help of bio organic substance. This increase the formation of flowers and fruits. Laford Amino-16 checks the draping of flowers due to deficiency of nutrients and give the more production of crops.

Advantages of using Laford Amino-16

This is useful for flowering and fruiting.

Check the dropping of flowers and increase the umbers of flowers.

Increase the quantity of sucrose in sugarcane.

Increase the colour, quality and size of fruits.

This makes the full maturity of crops according to time.

This gives the power of bearing the condition of draught.

Increase the production.

LafordAmrit makes the quality and shining of grains of wheat crops.

System of working of Laford Amino -16

This increases the collection of micro and macro nutrients.

This increasing in the process of Protein synthesis due to contains of  main Amino acids.

The Laford  Amino-16 motivates the necessary hormones for flowers and fruits.

This improves the power of fungicides and insecticides through the    crate list.

Dose- 2-3 ml/liter foliar spray, next spray after 20 days, this can be use with all type of fertilizers and pesticides.

Recommended crops- Paddy, wheat, tea, coffee, maize, cotton, sugarcane, mentha, soya bean, all vegetables crops, fruits, plants, cereals crops and medicine crop etc.